Benetech: Free Audible Books!

Benetech offers thousands of books read out loud for free to children with disabilities that prevent them from being able to read. All you have to do is submit a letter from your doctor confirming your child has a print related disability, and they will give you access to a huge library of audio books for your child.

Courageous Parents Network
The mission of the Courageous Parents Network is to provide support to families caring for children with life-threatening illness. They offer various tools and resources in order to help and guide parents in their time of need. Some of these resources include offering expert advice, educating medical personnel on the families’ needs, and giving parents access to a community who understands their experience. Their vision is that, “the family’s journey is one of minimal regret and maximal healing”. Read more about the Courageous Parents Network and how they can help your family here.

Ability Beyond
Ability Beyond was created by a group of parents who shared a common goal of improving the lives of their children with disabilities. The organization currently offers community-based support for people with disabilities in the Northeast, like, for instance, recreational and educational opportunities, as well as supported living. Their vision is to, “ensure that every person has the opportunity to live, work and be a part of their community”. Today, they are working towards this vision by building and renovating homes, expanding their employment services, and ensuring people with disabilities are treated fairly. To learn more about the different opportunities Ability Beyond has to offer, visit their website.